Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free patterns: cacti

photo from Flickr user Nadia308
I am about to start a brand-new, very exciting, grown-up job. I will have my very own desk and a computer I don't have to share with anyone. This is thrilling.

Naturally, I want to personalize my space a little bit--all the more important since my workspace is a warehouse. It'll be roomy, but not exactly homey. So far, I've got a fun job-related poster, a photo of my handsome fiance, and a small whiteboard with colorful markers for my to-do list. What more could a girl want for her first desk?

Crochet, of course! And also plants. Unfortunately the space doesn't have any windows (and I'm not sure that a potted plant--with dirt and the possibility of bugs--belongs in an art storage warehouse). So real plants are out.

So, I decided to make my first installment of Free Patterns from the Internet all about crocheted plants. Cacti, to be specific. Too cute, right?

The first cactus comes from Ana Paula's Amigurumi Patterns, and features an adorable smile and a sweet bow.

The second pattern comes from Flickr user nadia308, who provides step-by-step photos and instructions. I love the itty-bitty cactus flowers (see photo above). (NB: Nadia's Flickr profile indicates that she's in Australia, so she uses different stitch terminology than the US. Double-check to make sure you're doing the correct stitches.)

You could really have fun with your choice of fibers for these patterns. If there was ever an occasion for green fun fur, this could be it. The right yarn might come pretty close to the actual texture of some cacti (except soft instead of spiky).

And if you want a huggable cactus but don't want to make it yourself, well, that's what Etsy's for. A quick search for "crocheted cactus" turns up 90 results, for patterns and finished objects alike. (And a couple of complete non-sequiturs, but that's what makes web searches fun, right?)

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