About Hooray Crochet

When I was eighteen, I learned to crochet for the sole purpose of making scarves. (I love scarves.) I puttered along, happily making nothing but scarves for two years, and then I embarked on something far more ambitious: a monstrously huge four-color ripple afghan. It took a year, but I am happy to report that it's finally finished! Sure, it's a bit lopsided, but it's very cozy.

More recently (and much more successfully), I've learned how to make granny squares, follow a pattern, crochet in the round, and make a proper slip stitch.  Good things all!  (I also learned that I was doing the decreases wrong on that afghan the entire time... oops.)  I've experimented in felting and filet crochet, dipped my toes into the world of garment-making, and am gearing up for a foray into thread crochet.

Because one can never have too many fiber-related skills, I've also started embroidering, re-acquainted myself with cross stitch, and begun (very slowly) to teach myself to knit. Expect to see some of that around here, too.

Hooray crochet: it's how I feel every time I pick up yarn and a hook, find a great pattern, or think of a new project idea.

It's all very exciting.


A word on the Amazon Associates links (partially for the sake of transparency, and partially to placate the FCC): I didn't start this blog to make money, and I don't expect or need it to ever be profitable... but if I can earn a little bit of extra money doing something I would be doing anyway (making things, and then blogging about them), then why not? So if you click on a link for a product sold on Amazon, and proceed to buy that product, I will get a small kickback from that purchase. That said, I'm not going out of my way to add Amazon links. If it's a book I'm reviewing, I'll link to it here, because I'd be talking about it anyway, but there won't be random, money-trolling linkage, or linking for the sake of linking. So there's that.