Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Love Grows" embroidery

I completed this embroidery last week, though I bought the pattern from Urban Threads months ago (back when I had--or thought I had--disposable income). I have, as I'm sure I've mentioned, a wild and crazy love for faux bois, and the faux-er it is, the better I like it. This may not be faux bois in the traditional sense, but it's a tree and there's woodgrain and I love it.

Plus I think it will look delightful in our bathroom, which is decorated in shades of brown and has a tree-patterned shower curtain. I'm planning a "cluster" of small tree, forest, and woodgrain themed embroideries in there, as many as I can make and/or my fiance can tolerate. Which is a lot, I suspect.

This pattern reminds me of the "The Giving Tree" a children's book so monumentally sad that I actually teared up a little bit when describing its plot to the Fiance, who apparently did not have it in his childhood library. (He was too busy reading Calvin and Hobbes, I suspect, and I can't criticize--that's time well spent.) But "The Giving Tree" is a happy sort of sad, and this pattern isn't any sort of sad at all--especially not with our initials "carved" into it, and the blooming flowers. (Urban Threads calls this pattern "Love Grows" and I like that title very much.)

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