Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I may have to rename this blog "Hooray Fiber Arts!"

If I were the tattooed type, this phrase would totally be on my wrist
I think I mentioned previously that I've begun embroidery. I have also gotten slightly better at knitting than I was last time I posted. Then again, I could hardly have gotten worse. (And "better" is clearly a relative term: I can still only cast on and knit stitch. I haven't yet tried to learn how to purl or cast off.)

The embroidery, though, is going swimmingly, and I am so excited about it that my various crochet projects have been neglected. My creative impulses tend to careen about wildly like that, so I'm sure sometime soon I'll be back to crocheting with abandon. For one thing, I promised a co-worker I'd make him a Superman hat. (New motto: will crochet for beer.)

The little slogan to the left is my most recent completed project, which I will hang over my desk at work as soon as I wash it and get it properly secured in its hoop. I need that daily reminder there, because while I love my job, it's overwhelming if I think about it too hard. Plus, I love the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I'm interested in seeing who else gets it.

This post aside, the radio silence around here is likely to continue for awhile yet: I am getting married in eighteen days (!!!) and it turns out weddings are a lot of work. Even if you started out your engagement swearing that you will not get stressed out by this, you probably will. Or maybe you won't, but I did. I'm very excited, of course, but that just makes it even harder to care about place cards. Or the cake. Or finding an organist for the ceremony. People keep asking me questions about it, and I suspect I should know the answers, but, um, I don't.

So I just embroider instead. Don't panic!

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