Monday, April 2, 2012

Month of Craft Photos: Day 1, a WIP

I first saw the "Month of Craft Photos" challenge at Untangling Knots last month, but by then the month was nearly over and I thought I'd lost my chance. Luckily, it's happening again--there's a Flickr group and everything, so it must be official!

In celebration of my newly cleaned-off, far more photogenic workspace, and in an effort to take better photos and post more, I'm jumping in.

Here's day 1, a work in progress:

A white and aqua potholder? NO WAY.
 After today, I'll post these in a once-weekly "digest" rather than one by one each day, but I wanted to kick things off on the right note. (Also, I think I'm already a day behind, but the once-a-week schedule will fix that too. Onward!)

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