Friday, July 8, 2011

All we want to do is to eat your brains

You're going to regret taking his stapler.
The Corporate Zombie is another project from Christen Haden's amazing book Creepy Cute Crochet (which I raved about here). In fact, I believe he was the first project I made from that book, in celebration my husband's first "grown-up" job.

I'm fairly pleased with the way he turned out, although the details of his making are rather dim, at this point--I made him more than a year ago, but only just got around to taking a picture.

Unfortunately, Shambles here has not had an easy life. My husband doesn't have a desk of his own at his current job, so Shambles moved back in with us... and the cat. Hobbes is a nice cat, but he has a huge, epic, totally cliche obsession with yarn, and the things I make out of it.

He didn't destroy the zombie totally, but he did rip out most of his hair and seriously damage his cute felt accessories (the dripping blood and necktie). I'll have to re-do them at some point, although I think he looks more like a proper zombie now.

The details: As I mentioned above, I really don't remember many specifics... I probably used an F hook. The main body (shirt and pants) are made from Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, but I believe the head is Lily Sugar 'n Cream. The hair is an anonymous brown acrylic.

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